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  • Potentially silly question.. Fasting Lipids/HDL, FBC, Ferritin, Glucose (Fasting), HbA1C, LFT, TSH, U/E, Vit D - none of that will be impacted by having a shot (DHB/Mast/Test) a few hrs earlier will it?
    Well, as much as I love her, I think I am done with tren... 3 times in my life now I've ended up breaking down and crying like a fucking baby. All 3 times approx 2 months in on a tren blast. Blood pressure is also a fucking lot higher than I'm comfortable with atm... Tren, my love, I'm afraid this is it. I'm going to go fuck your fat friend instead.
    Asked Mrs if she wants to do anything today - nope - ok cool I'll go to the gym and then to BJJ open mat session for a bit. Has a sook about it, then claims it wasn't a sook she just wanted to clarify... Sits on her ass until then suddenly she needs to do a bunch of stuff when I need to leave... By the time I got to gym and did what i needed no time left to get a roll in. FFS.
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    Yeah bro I don’t see much of a point if your just watching fucking tv when you can be doing something productive like training .. just do you brother it’s better health comes first always
    Lmao reading these made me realize I'm the needy fk of our family. Just gotta get my training Tbh besides that always down to chill. She's always doing her horse bs small biz bs photo bs as well as gym etc etc etc..
    Sounds like my mrs
    Happy Australia Day you glorious cunts - and to anyone who buys in to the invasion day / change the date bullshit, I hope you choke on a cock you fuckwit.

    Don't like the Australia that we have today? Fuck off elsewhere - whether that be overseas or out bush where you can forsake everything that you take for granted about the life that's been handed to you.
    GP today for a referral to get ADHD assessment.. prior to seeing the psych I need bloods done - he's requested fasting lipids/HDL, FBC, ferritin, glucose (fasting), HbA1C, LFT, TSH, U/E, Vit D Level.

    Anything there I should be concerned about him seeing mid-cycle? Running 500/400/400 test e/tren e/mast e, 8IU novorapid pre-workout and 4iu HGH 5 days a week.
    We are fucking lucky here go to Russian or Greece and you will see how hard it is living off 2 euro an hour
    The bring up drugs thing isn't completely true but best to avoid it if you cant will make it easier.

    The gp is just doing a standard checkup, it will be to make sure you are in good health and able to be prescribed drugs the psych will prescribe, The psych will send you for a drug piss test that will need to be done within 24-48 hours for drugs of dependence, wont cover steroids.
    Yep that's exactly what the GP said, cheers FrederikaPutera - my concern is more so that they go "oh your (whatever) is way above/below range, that could be what's causing the issues.. let's address that first" when I know that any issues on my bloods are due to the gear, and the shit in my head (the ADHD shit at least 😂) predates any gear use..
    Almost forgot about this - doing incline bench yesterday, only 70kg but was giving me the shits because it felt unstable AF and awkward all the way through... Finish 4th set. Unload.

    20+5kg one side.
    20+10kg other side.

    Ffs 😂
    Alright boys.. how does one go about getting a parcel locker, po box or something similar that won't lead back to me if it's used for an international order that doesn't go quite to plan...
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